Not wanting to be angry
        but there is anger

        The joy of emotion
        in the shock of an ending
        followed by numbness
        a week perhaps

        Then despair
        bearing the entire weight
        all of it yours & mine

        Then anger & wanting
        to give some of it back

        Not wanting the anger
        yet needing its release

        Take it back
        let the anger go
        where the anger wants

        Anger goes to anger
        & to anger
        & then anger goes from anger

        I feel it
        I let you feel it
        although not much
        of what there is of it

        Then it goes
        & what is left
        is satisfaction & sorrow

        It does not matter
        what it was made from

        It was anger
        & anger had to come
        before it could go


© Bob Rixon